About Us

Brad Collett is an insurance expert who’s more than qualified to support you with your insurance needs. Degree-qualified and with a background working within the insurance industry, Brad has used his career to develop a detailed understanding of how insurance really works. It was the drive to help others share that understanding that encouraged him to set up his own business.

Having identified an opportunity to help clients get more from their insurance, Brad established Brad Collett Insurance in Havelock North in 2012. His aim was to help clients better understand their insurance and choose the right cover for their needs. With the right kind of policies, clients could be confident in their ability to make a claim in the future should the need arise.

Brad Collett Insurance specialises in providing an end-to-end insurance service. Clients often start with a selection of existing policies, and Brad works with them to help them understand what these policies do and don’t provide. Then, working closely to their budget and lifestyle needs, he helps his clients to adjust their insurance portfolio for the greatest long term value.

Are you worried about what your insurance policies really cover? Do you feel like you’re paying too much and getting little in return?

There’s no cost to getting Brad to help you review your existing insurance – beyond the time it takes to have a chat and discuss what you’re looking for. Brad puts your interests and needs at the centre of the discussion. That means you can go home feeling confident that your insurance will give you the cover you’ve been looking for.

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We are located at Level 1, 1 Napier Road, Havelock North, Hawkes Bay.